Italian Balconies Map


In the region Alessandria, in the North West of Italy, Piemont, you find lots of authentic small villages like Ponzone, Melazzo, Malvicino, Montchiaro D’acqui, etc. In those villages I found some beautiful balconies. Also the old towns of Acqui Terme, Alba and Asti offered some delectable pearls.

Wonderful balconies  are also to be found along the Ligurian coastline, for instance in Noli and Albenga. In the small village of Borgo di Zuccarello, in the countryside nearby Albenga, you can find some real treats.

Delightful balconies are to be found all over Italy, not just in the Northern Provinces. The regions of Veneto, Toscane, Umbria, The Marche, Sardinia, Sicily are just a few! I discovered really nice balconies in Cagliary,  Carloforte and Iglesias on Sardinia and in Taormina and Castiglione di Sicilia on Sicily. The list goes on and on.Balconies are everywhere! Next time you visit Italy lift your eyes, look up and let yourself be fascinated by these attractively decorated outdoor jewels.

Here a link to the site of Verona City, about the balcony of Romeo and Juliet: