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I love pizza and I am fond of the Italians but those are not the only reasons I like to visit Italy.

Besides the climate, the beautiful nature, the way of life and delightful cuisine, I like the old architecture a lot! Italy is a huge open-air museum of architecture mixed with real life! I’m happy to say most towns like Genova, Cagliary, Acqui Terme and villages like Melazzo, Noli and Carloforte are still very authentic. This is due to the Italian habit of respecting the old. Being careful with their past, they restored as much as 75 percent of the Italian buildings and houses. And nowhere is that character better expressed than in their balconies.
For me, a balcony is the most interesting part of a building, especially of an Italian house! Italians love to be among people. Most Italians live in small apartments with only one possibility to be in the open air: on their balcony! This together with their talent and passion for decorating, make the balcony a very interesting theme.
You can find some characteristic balconies under the subtitles of the theme: Romantic, Happy, Practical and Dramatic. Lean backwards in your old comfortable chair and enjoy the site of Balconcini!

Italy Event in Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

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